One of the greenest building material – Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)

5 Nov 2022
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What is Cross Laminated Timber?

Cross Laminated Timber is highly engineered mass timber product that offers huge range opportunities as a construction material. Panel can be made almost in any size and shape and used in both – in industrial and designed architecture.


CLT (Cross Laminated Timber)

Cross laminated timber (CLT) is prefabricated with increased precision offering exceptional technical properties as well as lighter environmental footprint than concrete or steel.

CLT may speak in design language what is impressive and surprising since architects and developers use it in their projects even more and more. This is an architectural material that makes planet more sustainable, keeping alive desire to live in more sustainable world. Also, great benefit is that CLT is renewable material, and it is easy to work with it, the way where digital power and automatization opens the opportunities to the industry.


CLT (Cross Laminated Timber)

Sustainability benefits of CLT

It is well know for numerous benefits, including significantly faster construction time, lower labour costs, reduced waste and carbon emission, improved thermal performance and design versatility.

1) Faster construction time
CLT can be built between 25% and 75% faster than similar reinforced concrete and steel buildings, it has a 20% overall faster schedule, and uses 90% less construction traffic. CLT has much higher strength to weight ratio than concrete or steel, providing lighter buildings on foundations.

2) Reduced carbon footprint
Roughly 11% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from building materials and construction; another 28% comes from building operations, which mostly involve energy. By replacing concrete and steel with CLT, it is calculated to have 26.5% reduction in global warming potential.

3) Design versatility
CLT allows architects to dream, design, and build bigger. It offers endless possibilities for individual and modern design, construction, and housing. CLT panels are currently allowing the construction of buildings with up to 30 floors in Canada, and up to 40 floors in Finland.

4) Seismic resilience
Research and testing have clearly demonstrated that CLT structures can meet or exceed the most demanding earthquake and seismic design requirements. It has been a proven solution complying with building seismic codes and demonstrating its ability to survive an earthquake.

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