Tiny house movement

15 Nov 2022
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What is Tiny House movement?

Although there are no specific definition of the Tiny House movement. It is an architectural and social movement, getting more popular lately, based on minimal living, smaller living areas and less consumption. Also encourages living an easier life in a smaller space. It is a lifestyle choice.


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How big is Tiny House?

Typically, it is up to 37 square meters, it can be built on foundations and also on wheels/a trailer. While the answer differs greatly from home to home, the average size is approximately 15-20 square meters for a one-bedroom home. Two-bedroom models are closer to 20 square meters and three bedrooms are typically larger, but no more than 41 square meters. The key to tiny home living is to plan your interior well to match your lifestyle.

Is Tiny House movement for everyone?

A tiny home movement doesn’t mean a tiny lifestyle. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Living in a cleverly arranged space means less clutter, better organization, greener living, and a closer experience with those you live with nature.

To those who haven’t tried tiny house living, it may seem daunting. Why to live in such a small space? Bigger is better, right? It turns out there are many merits to the tiny home movement and the tiny life philosophy. Of course, people may join the movement for any number of reasons, but the most popular reasons include environmental concerns, financial concerns, and the desire for more time and freedom.


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Benefits of Tiny House movement

There are several benefits associated with buying a tiny house, such as:

  • Fast to build;
  • Lower expenses;
  • Easier maintenance;
  • Harmony with nature;
  • Smaller carbon footprint;
  • A simpler life;
  • Less cleaning, less clutter.

Tiny House movement and NordCabin

Concept Cabins NC20, NC30 and NC37 will be perfect, sustainable, and environmentally friendly option to join Tiny House movement. Environmentally friendly concept cabins from sustainable materials. Just as much as one needs – a warm, cozy shelter without losing the connection to the nature around you. Versatile, yet designed with a purpose.


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